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Party on!

Aussie Bar offers the filthiest, wettest and hottest parties every time. We have the best beers, the best drinks and the best music playing all night long. You don't just visit the Aussie Bar, you live it! We might help your mood with a super soaker, but at least you won't die of thirst.

Live sports!

We're Aussies and we love sports! If there's a game on, we'll have it on. We show the best and the biggest games and events, so if you're a sports fan, come and join us for a drink while cheering for your favourite team! The bar staff loves to chat about sports too, so just come by the bar and say hello!


If you think you've got the cojones and the attitude to become an Aussie Bar worker, we have a challenge for you. Click on to the bar website you're interested in and get in touch with us!

Bejay Visser

CEO - International
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